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Automated Exercise Identification and Real-Time tracking

Preview is an iOS app from FocusMotion that showcases the power of our motion tracking and machine learning algorithms for understanding human movement.   The app automatically tracks your exercises and workouts using 5 different modes for the Pebble and Apple Watch (coming soon). Preview’s algorithm understands more than 50 of the most popular body weight, dumbbell, barbell, and cable-based exercises, and it not only tracks them, but also provides feedback on your range of motion, tempo, and consistency.

Preview works on iOS and on all Apple Watch and all Pebble watches.


Preview features 5 different modes with different capabilities.  Here’s how to use them.
QUANT — Real time counting for your exercises!
Quant is our real-time algorithm for tracking movement that automatically tracks more than 50 exercises in real-time with real time counting.  In this mode, you select your exercise, press start, and then perform the exercise.   As you’re moving, you’ll hear Quant count along with you using a simple sound effect.  If you go into iPhone > Settings> Preview, you can change this sound effect to a live human counter.
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Freestyle is what we call our automated classifier.   In Freestyle mode, when you workout, our algorithm will automatically identify what you’re doing, how many times you performed it, and the rest period in between.   There are two distinct modes for Freestyle:  Freestyle+ and Freestyle Flow

In this mode, you hit the start button, you’ll see a screen with our spinner that indicates we’re listening, and then you workout.  It’s that simple.  Just let it run while you workout; hit stop when finished, and it will provide every exercise performed, the rep count, and the rest periods.
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In this mode, it’s like Freestyle+, but you only perform 1 exercise at a time.  You simply hit the start button before you exercise, then perform your reps, and then hit stop.  When you hit stop, you’ll see that it identified the movement, and it’s begun to count the rest period.  Hit start again if you’d like to keep working out, or hit Finished if you’d like to end the workout.
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Creator is our powerful machine learning tool that you can teach new movements.  This is a simplified version of the more powerful developer tool that you can use with the SDK.  In this version, you can only teach it one movement with one set of data at a time.  In the SDK version, a developer can teach it multiple movements with tons of sample sets at once.

To use this version of Creator and to teach the algorithm a new movement, select the “+” to add a new movement and enter a name.  Hit the Start button when you’re ready to teach it.  Perform 10 exercises with good form, and hit stop.  Enter 10 reps or edit it to teach it what you’ve done, and then hit finish.  Now every time you use this new movement, it gets smarter.  Find more about CREATOR here.

**Want to add some noise?  Simply perform movements that are not what you’d like to see, and then edit them to indicate “0”.  This will help reduce false positives.
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This is our general activity classifier.  We use this to track general activities like walking, inactive, running, and repetitive exercise timing.   We don’t count steps, rather we indicate the amount of time you’ve spent performing each activity.  To use it, start ACTIVITY+, you’ll see a spinner to indicate that it’s working, and when you stop minutes or hours later, it will automatically identify your time walking, running, inactive, and doing any repetitive exercise/activity.  At the end, you can also change the resolution of the readings from 20 seconds up to 5 minutes to see how this affects the accuracy of the report.

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Preview FAQ

Need help installing Preview on Pebble?  It can be tricky.  Check out this video.


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