Watch a Simple App Level Creator Demo

Meet Creator

Creator is FocusMotion’s incredible machine learning tool that lets you add new movements, exercises, or gestures to the FocusMotion library and deploy them to your users.

What can Creator do?
You can use Creator to count and track new movements. It’s a powerful machine learning platform that can be taught new patterns and movements.

What are Creator’s limitations?
Creator is currently only a repetition counting tool. You can create a new movement and track repetitions; however, Creator does not allow for automated classification. As an example, let’s say you had created “Rowing” as a movement. The app would need to know ahead of time that the user was about to row or perform rowing, and then it would be able to track rowing strokes automatically.

Does it let me control and dictate Form and Tempo (Movement Mechanics)?
Yes, you can still dictate movement speed and consistency mechanics to provide feedback to the user to let them know if they’re going too fast or too slow, and to indicate if they’re moving consistently with the “perfect” movement you’ve set. You’ll need to collect and then set you’re “perfect rep” for your movement, and then you’re ready to go.

How do I add movements?
It’s simple.


Decide on your movement and name it.

Record the movement with our Capture app or your own app.

After recording, use the Creator on your PC or Mac to train the Algorithm.

Creator will build the model for you, adding noise, and provide accuracy results using cross validation methodology.

Test the new movement in our Sample app or with your own app.

Add the movements to your app and deploy!

What about adding noise?
We provide a Noise package to help you cancel out unwanted Noises from your detection. However, the amount noise added is proportional to the amount of training data you’ve gathered. The more data you feed to Creator the better it will be.

How should I gather data?
Decide on the movement you want to add, and then use our Capture app or build your own app to gather data. In our experience, it’s best to gather very good forms at first from a small sample set of people. After you’ve tested this data and established that the movement is possible to track, the next step would be to add more data from more users. A variety of speeds and a variety of users help make the algorithm more robust.

Why am I consistently getting low accuracy?
A few solutions are possible for this. You may need more data; you may have bad data, and need to gather again from the beginning, or it’s just a very difficult movement to track. We’ve built a solid machine learning platform; however, it’s not perfect for everything. Some movements just aren’t regular enough to track.

Can I track leg or body movements?
Yes, as long as you have a device that talks to our system, you can put it anywhere on the body and start to generate data and build a tracking algorithm.

Can I use my phone to collect data and run the algorithm?
Absolutely. We support all Android and iOS phones as collection and reading devices. Go nuts!

What wearables do you support
We currently support the Apple Watch, Android Wear devices, the Microsoft Band, and Pebble.