FocusMotion Videos

Preview App Technology Demos

How to use the Quant module in Preview that counts reps in real-time.

How to use our exercise recognition module, Freestyle Plus that identifies what you’re doing, how many times you’ve performed it, rest periods in between movements, and how well you’ve performed movements.
How to use our single exercise counting and recognition tool, Freestyle Flow.  This tool identifies and counts exercises/movements one at a time.
How to use our amazing machine learning tool, Creator, that lets you build your own algorithms.  Learn how to teach the algorithm a new movement and teach it noise as well.

A demo for how the Pose Analyzer would work in a Yoga setting.  The demo showcases how the algorithm looks for set boundaries of XYZ to determine if a user is in our out of pose.  This can be used for posture, pose, and device orientation.

Preview App Setup for Pebble